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In 2007, art gallery space was added to the Community Room of the Cuba Circulating Library. This was made possible by gifts from Jim and Delores Cross, and from Dean Benham in honor of his grandchildren, Jack and Claire Benham. This space is used to highlight the works of local artists.

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Remington and Stren Knives Poster Series

Art is all around us...paintings on walls, graphics on packaging, labels on jars, magazines, book covers, CD, DVD, and vinyl record jackets, flyers, advertising, posters. This collection of posters celebrates the mastery of illustration exhibited by Larry Duke. Larry Duke as a 1965 graduate of the Los Angeles Art Center School of Design, where he studied package design and advertising.

After working for several years as an art director for McCann-Erickson, The Remington Company commissioned Duke to create posters that would not only promote their classic products for outdoor sportsmen, but would become collectible art editions as well. Although he never thought of himself as an illustrator, in the poster series, Duke skillfully incorporated "Strong composition and crisply delineated figures with a strong sense of whimsy, humor, and nostalgia...all breathlessly over the top" with panicked expressions on the faces of his outdoorsmen.

He places the viewer in the middle of exciting scenarios - painting detailed images of men pitted against the powerful forces of nature that command respect and quick thinking. The Remington Bullet Knife, ultimately, is always the "hero."

Duke rendered his initial designs for the posters in pencil. He was often asked by clients to put a favorite executive (and even himself) in the scene. Once the final approvals were given, he executed the artwork in acrylic on canvas. Remington purchased the original paintings for an average of $18,000 apiece, and they are on permanent display at the company's headquarters in Madison, North Carolina.

Duke's "assignment" with the Remington Company spanned over a decade, and demonstrates how art impacts life both in the ordinary and extraordinary moments of our lives. Enjoy exploring the depth of detail and story in these special edition posters.

Remington "The Tracker" Bullet Knife poster. Art by Larry Duke

Remington "The Tracker" Bullet Knife poster. Art by Larry Duke

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