Gift and Memorial Giving

Giving a gift to the Library in the name of a friend or relative becomes a lasting tribute to that special individual. Your gift may honor someone on their birthday or anniversary or you may make a gift in memory of the deceased. You may also choose to make a donation to support library programming or to add materials to the library collection. We have made it possible to donate online through PayPal via the button at the bottom of this page, or you may stop in or mail your donations as well.

The Cuba Circulating Library is a non-profit, charitable organization under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. Gifts made to the Cuba Circulating Library are usually tax exempt for the donor.

How Much Does It Cost?
Your gift may be large or small. Your gift can be used to buy a book, audio-visual material or periodical subscription. Your gift may be added to the Endowment Fund, which, as it grows, will add income to the Library. The amount of the gift is up to you.

How Do I Know What to Give?
You can suggest a book or material on a particular subject. You can make a selection from materials already ordered or received. You can make a donation to the general Memorial Fund for purchase of materials. You can make a donation to the Endowment Fund. Gifts of $100 or more go into this fund unless otherwise specified. You can ask the librarian what is most needed at the present time in either the adult collection or juvenile collection.

How Is The Tribute Recognized?
A bookplate is placed in or on the front of the item selected, giving the name of the person being honored and the name of the donor. The honoree or his/her family receives an acknowledgment. The gift is recorded permanently in the Gift and Memorials book. The gift is listed in the library eNewsletter and on the website. The donor receives an acknowledgment. Donors may also request that no plaque be used if they would prefer.

How Do I Make My Donation?

You may use this form to make your gift or memorial.

Please complete the form on the back and mail or bring it to:
Cuba Circulating Library
Memorial Fund
39 East Main Street
Cuba, New York 14727

Make any checks payable to: Cuba Circulating Library, and indicate name of honoree or deceased on memo line.

If you would prefer, you may also make your memorial or donation through PayPal. Please be sure to indicate in the notes field if the donation is to honor an individual and if you would like the library to notify anyone about your donation.

Recent Memorials

Memorials for November

  • for Merlin Briggs by Earl & Virginia Briggs
  • for Dianne Emmons by Virginia Ayer & Marianne Ayer Hunt
  • for Mona Pettit by Jim & Paula Robinson
  • for Dr. Harold H Roeder by Carol Mahoney

Memorials for October

  • for Dianne Hequembourg Emmons by Jeanne Morey

Memorials for September

  • for Dianne Hequembourg Emmons by Wendy Bostwick; the Briggs Family: Noreen, Edana, Mike Pfouts, Kendra Briggs Woods & Corbin, and Garrett Briggs & Annie; Friends from University at Buffalo Research Information Systems & Project TBH; Ann Gross; Ondrea Linderoth Hummel, Karla Runyan Lee, Susanne Luckey, Tracy Mosgrove, Denise Seifert Shaffer, Susie Shilling and Vanessa Zoll; Ludmila Korytko; Rebecca Lorenz; & Richard Scalise;
  • for Jean Higby by William & Sandra Allis
  • for Larry Spateholts by Gary Enderle; and Jim’s co-workers at Bank of America

Memorials for August

  • for Merlin Briggs by Stephen & Paula Colburn; and Janet Drew

Recent Donations

Donations for November

  • from David Rourke
  • Donations for October

  • from the Chair Aerobics Class
  • from Ray & Jane Sader

Donations for September

  • from Margaret Bulson

Donations for August

  • from Gary Enderle