Children’s Renovation Project

Work on Phase 1 April 1 to May 15 2023

*dates are estimated

architectural rendering of view into young adult area with tv and hi-low seating area for homework and hanging out
architectural rendering of young adult area with hi-low seating for tv area and homework/table space - Click to Enlarge
  • Lighting
  • Water Fountains
  • Video Game/TV Station
  • Reading Nooks
  • Play Stages
architectural rendering facing children's area of library from the front desk with view of large tree play seating structure and bookshelves
architectural rendering of children's section facing central area from the front desk - Click to Enlarge

Work on Phase 2 Planned for 2024

*dates not yet determined

  • Carpet
  • Tree
  • Paint


architectural rendering of room with long wooden bookcase, circular wall nooks large enough for children to sit inside, and a small multi-level stage for children to play
Disclaimer: This image is an architectural rendering. Final design of the tree is open to artistic interpretation.

sky blue background with tree branches and watercolor banner

Cuba Library Seeking Proposals for Public Art

The Cuba Circulating Library is seeking proposals for the creation and installation of an artisanal artificial tree to be located in the Children’s Area of the Cuba Library, 39 E. Main St, Cuba, NY.

A PDF of the following information is available for download : Proposals for Public Art (PDF 131 kb)

Design Brief:

Cuba Library is in the beginning stages of transforming their children’s section into a modern learning/play space that is accessible and inviting to everyone. A big part of the transformation is bringing natural elements indoors and trying to incorporate those within the space. The centerpiece of this transformation will be an artificial tree. The function of the tree is to create a garden like atmosphere and promote play and exploration by allowing the trunk to be “inhabited” by children, ages 1-12. The final product should be aesthetically pleasing, in scale with the surroundings, of a durable construction suited to continual use, and should require little-to-no maintenance for at least 10 years. Installation must meet all state and local code requirements.

Interested artists should complete a registration form at by May 1, 2023.
Contact the library with questions at 585-968-1668 or

Design Parameters:

  1. Size:
    • Base diameter: No larger than 8’-6” +/-
      • This is dependent on the artist/designer and if they choose to include a passage through the base of the tree. Need at least 3’-0” width for accessibility.
    • Trunk diameter: Dependent on the artist/designer
    • Canopy diameter: No larger than 16’-0” +/-
    • Trunk Height: No less than 7’-0” for overhead clearance
    • Total Height: 12’-6” +/-
    • Branch length/size: Dependent on the artist/designer
    • Weight: Not to exceed 50 PSF.
  2. Location:
    • The tree will be constructed in the center of the children’s section at the Cuba Circulating Library.
    • The existing floor structure is 8” precast concrete plank with a 2” structural concrete topping.
    • There is a vaulted ceiling in the center of the space with a height of 13’-6” +/- and that terminates on either side into a ceiling at 9’-10” +/-. The width of the vault is 19’-0” +/- and there should be clearance on either side of the tree for clear passage.
  3. Finish:
    • Natural wood-look finish that imitates what a deciduous tree would look like that you find in nature.
    • Species of tree is up to the artist/designer.
    • Acceptable finish materials include fiberglass, metals, and plastics. Finish classification of all materials shall be documented to achieve a Class A fire rating. Structurally, wood is allowed but if left exposed it may require an intumescent coating.
  4. Tree Elements:
    • The tree must include a trunk, branches, and leaves.
    • Method for children to interact with the tree, whether that be a passage through the tree so children can walk-through or sit under the tree, or seats that are incorporated at the base of the trunk.
    • Accommodation for mounting and charging iPads on the trunk of the tree.
    • Book storage/shelves incorporated in the tree.

Submission Requirements:

    • Scaled drawings:
      • Plans
      • Elevations
      • Sections (Internal structure)
    • Rendering of the final artificial tree
    • Materials list
    • Detailed explanation of how the tree will be constructed including the following:
      • Will it be constructed on-site or off-site?
      • How will it be delivered?
      • How many people will be needed for the construction?
      • Structural design of the tree and how it will be secured to the existing floor.
      • Other factors
    • Total Cost
      • Materials
      • Labor
      • Delivery
      • Overhead/Profit
    • Artist’s CV

The physical installation will be owned by the Library and the artist(s) will assign a permanent exclusive license of the copyright of the final work to the Library. The final contract will require proof of insurance for general liability, naming the library as additional insured. Partnerships and artist/craftsperson collaborations that can meet the final criteria are welcome.

To submit a proposal, submit a cover letter as well as required supplemental materials in the form of one combined PDF to by July 1st, 2023. The winning proposal will be selected by the library board of trustees by August 15th. The library trustees reserve the right to not pick any submission. The selected bid will be awarded a fee of up to $50,000.00 to cover artists’ fee, materials, and installation. The fee will be awarded in phases: contract award, mid-project and upon satisfactory completion.