New Adult Titles

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Lucky Day Books

Baldacci, The Edge
Child, The Secret
Garmus, Lessons in Chemistry
Grisham, The Exchange
Hilderbrand, Five-Star Weekend
Kingsolver, Demon Copperhead
Krueger, The River We Remember
McFadden, The Housemaid
Patchett, Tom Lake

Adult Fiction

Adams, The Book of Candlelight
Albom, The Little Liar
Baldacci, The Edge
Bowen, The Proof of the Pudding
Brown, Lost & Hound
Cameron, Tom Clancy’s Command & Control
Carr, Hold My Girl
Child, The Secret
Connelly, Resurrection Walk
Cornwell, Uhtred’s Feast
Cussler, Clive Cussler’s the Corsican Shadow
Deaver, The Watchmaker’s Hand
Dolan, The Happy Couple
Due, The Reformatory
Evanovich, Dirty Thirty
Freethy, The Porcelain Maker
Gerritsen, The Spy Coast
Guanzon, The Hurricane Wars
Henry, Secret Book of Flora Lea
Howe, A True Account
Kingsbury, Just Once
Lupica, Robert B Parker’s Broken Trust
Margolin, Betrayal
McCall Smith, From a Far & Lovely Country
McDermott, Absolution
Patterson, Alex Cross Must Die
Perry, A Christmas Vanishing
Roberts, Inheritance
Steel, The Ball at Versailles
Sweren-Becker, Kill Show
Unger, Christmas Presents
Wells, System Collapse
Winstead, Midnight Is the Darkest Hour
Yarros, Iron Flame

Adams, The Whispered Word
Chua, The Golden Gate
Delany, Murder in a Teacup
Delany, Murder Spills the Tea
Delany, Steeped in Malice
Delany, Tea & Treachery
DeMille, Blood Lines
Gerard, Peach Clobbered
Gerard, Peaches & Schemes
Gerard, Peachy Scream
Grisham, The Exchange
Hannah, Hercule Poirot’s Silent Night
Harrow, Starling House
Iggulden, Empire
Kim, Happiness Falls
Kinsella, The Burnout
Knoll, Bright Young Women
Kwok, The Leftover Woman
Lewis, The Heirloom
Morris, Sisters Under the Rising Sun
Nesbo, The Night House
Palmer, Wyoming Proud
Quinn, Up on the Woof Top
Read, Go as a River
Roberts, The Twelve Months of Christmas
Rosenfelt, ‘Twas the Bite Before Christmas
Sandford, Judgment Prey
Simon, Mother-Daughter Murder Night
Steel, Second Act
Wiggs, The Twelve Dogs of Christmas
Woods, Obsession

Andrews, Bright Lights Big Christmas
Aoyama, What You Are Looking For Is In the Library
Archer, Traitors Gate
Atkinson, Normal Rules Don’t Apply
Bentley, Tom Clancy’s Weapons Grade
Brown, Condor’s Fury
Brown, Nineteen Steps
Cleeves, The Raging Storm
Connolly, The Land of Lost Things
Dailey, The Sound of Sleighbells
Feeney, Good Bad Girl
Follett, The Armor of Light
Galbraith, The Running Grave
Goldberg, Malibu Burning
Gray, An Amish Cinderella
Grissom, Crow Mary
Harrison, Black Sheep
Hill, Wellness
Jance, Blessing of the Lost Girl
Jiles, Chenneville
Johnson, The Longmire Defense
King, Holly
Krueger, The River We Remember
Martin, The Keeper of Hidden Books
McCall-Smith, The Discreet Charm of the Big Bad Wolf
Michaels, Santa & Company
Mills, Vince Flynn’s Code Red
Nugent, Strange Sally Diamond
Osman, The Last Devil to Die
Palahniuk, Not Forever, But For Now
Patchett, Tom Lake
Patterson, 12 Months to Live
Patterson, 23 1/2 Lies
Perry, The Traitor Among Us
Robb, Payback in Death
Rum, Evil Eye
Scalzi, Starter Villain
Schwab, The Fragile Threads of Power
Smith, The Fraud

Acevedo, Family Lore
Benjamin, California Golden
Bowen, The Paris Assignment
Brennan, North of Nowhere
Brotherton, The Long March Home
Brown, Out of Nowhere
Chiaverini, Canary Girls
Child, Honey Drop Dead
Day, The Block Party
Dolby, No Life for a Lady
Donoghue, Learned by Heart
Fortune, Every Summer After
Graham, Cursed at Dawn
Harvey, The Summer of Songbirds
Heller, The Last Ranger
Hoffman, The Invisible Hour
Jewell, None of This is True
Kiesling, Mobility
Macdonald, Prophet
McBride, The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store
Michaels, Rock Bottom
Patterson, Lion & Lamb
Pearce, Mrs. Porter Calling
Preston, Dead Mountain
Putney, Silver Lady
Reichs, The Bone Hacker
Skye, Damsel
Slaughter, After That Night
Smith, The 13th Gift
Steel, Happiness
Weiner, The Breakaway
White, Mister Magic
Williams, The Bookbinder
Wygal, Death on the Causeway

Benedict, The First Ladies
Black, What Harms You
Castillo, An Evil Heart
Center, Hello Stranger
Dewitt, The Librarianist
Fluke, Pink Lemonade Cake Murder
Graham, Secrets in the Dark
Hakes, Hula
Harris, One Summer in Savannah
Klune, Wolfsong
Koontz, After Death
Krotow, The Kielbasa Killer
Lapena, Everyone Here is Lying
Legrand, A Crown of Ivy & Glass
Lippman, Prom Mom
Macomber, Must Love Flowers
Newman, Drowning
Patterson, Circle of Death
Patterson, Obsessed
Quinn, Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge
Rachman, The Imposters
Russo, Sombody’s Fool
Sanderson, The Frugal Wizard’s Handbook
Silva, The Collector
Sims, How Can I Help You
Smale, Cassandra in Reverse
Thor, Dead Fall
Urrea, Good Night, Irene
Ward, The St. Ambrose School for Girls
Whitehead, Crook Manifesto
Yarros, Fourth Wing

Adult Nonfiction

Bellevue Literary Review, Vol 5 N 2
Borzutzky, Performance of Becoming Human
Brooks, How to Know a Person
Burton, Black Gun, Silver Star
Cahn, The Josiah Manifesto
Dimarzio, Android Smartphones for Dummies
Fodor’s Alaska
Go Home
Graff, UFO
Grant, Hidden Potential
Hodges, Give More Than You Take
Howes, The Mask of Masculinity
Jones ed., Space Shuttle Stories
Karadsheh, The Mediterranean Dish
Kilmeade, Teddy & Booker T
Land, Class
National Geographic Road Atlas
Scalapino, New Time
Scott & Pellman, Living Without Electricity
Semenya, The Race to Be Myself
Shaich, Know What Matters
Spears, The Woman in Me
Surrealism in American Art
Williams, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Ancient Greek Philosophers
Belser, Loving Our Own Bones
Brown, Brilliant Bites
Browning, Walking Literary London
Gendren, The Mini ADHD Coach
Great British Baking Show
Lyons, Fire in America
MacKenzie, Whole Again
Parton, Behind the Seams

Applehof, Worms Eat My Garbage
Bower, Day Trips Around Rochester, NY
Duggar, Counting the Cost
Fersko, We Need to Talk About Antisemitism
Fodor’s Toronto
Fong, 50 Pies, 50 States
Grush, The Six
Hauser, Muhammad Ali
Isaacson, Elon Musk
Martin & Byron, Edible Houseplants
McGregor, Pure Act
NOLO, Leases & Rental Agreements
Posnanski, Why We Love Baseball
Ralph, Fists Full of Gold
Russert, Look for Me There
Simon, Modern Watercolor Botanicals
Smith, Metal Detecting Gold
Squire, A Guide to Wild Food Foraging
Stevens, Europe Through the Back Door
Stockdale, In Love and War

Bird, American Prometheus
D’Imperio, Great Graves of Upstate New York
Glassman, Freaks, Gleeks & Dawson’s Creek
Hedge, Wildflower Watercolor
Lauren, Behold the Monster
Licata, Secret Buffalo
Vuolo, Becoming Free Indeed

Butcher, What the Dead Know
DIY, Solar Power for Beginners
Finkel, The Art Thief
Flynn, Why Peacocks?
Grandin, Autism & Education
Hawton, The Anxiety Coach
Hollis, Baking Yesteryear
Loree, Get a Better Boat
Page, Pageboy


Adult Large Print

Albom, The Little Liar
Baldacci, The Edge
Child, The Secret
Grisham, The Exchange
Krueger, The River We Remember
Prose, The Mystery Guest
Sandford, Judgment Prey

Osman, Last Devil to Die
Read, Go As a River

DeWitt, The Librarianist
Henry, The Secret Book of Flora Lea
Whitehead, Crook Manifesto

Benedict, The First Ladies
Chiaverini, Canary Girls
Lapena, Everyone Here is Lying
Ma, The Chinese Groove
Macomber, Must Love Flowers
Pick-Goslar, My Friend Anne Frank
Walls, Hang the Moon
Ware, Zero Days
Williams, The Beach at Summerly

Clark, Where Are the Children Now
Rowley, The Celebrants


Adult Paperbacks

Ajalon, Skye Papers
Frey, Dreambound
Kingfisher, Nettle & Bone
McFadden, Never Lie
Shipman, The Wishing Bridge
Thompson, Follow the Angels, Follow the Doves
Thompson, Hell on the Border
Thompson, The Forsaken and the Dead
Tieu, Fancy Meeting You Here

Baird, The Holiday Mix-Up
Carey, Infinity Gate
du Marier, Rebecca
Klein, Mischief Nights Are Murder
Lea, Woke Up Like This
Morgan, The Book Club Hotel
Rundell, Bear Gulch
Rundell, Naches Trail
Rundell, Siskiyou Trail
Russell, Doc
Silver, A Winter in New York
Ward, Let Us Descend

Dugoni, The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell
Gohlke, Ladies of the Lake
Johnstone, The Scavengers
Kesey, Sometimes a Great Notion
Levine, My Roommate is a Vampire
McFadden, The Housemaid’s Secret
McFarlane, Between Us
Newton, Change of Plans
Robbins, Another Roadside Attraction
Russell, Epitaph
Wright, The Girl From the Papers

Irwin, A Lady’s Guide to Scandal
Manning, The Paris Mystery
Novak, Talulah’s Back in Town
Peterson, The Fake Out
Rundell, The Covenant
Rundell, Last Chance Gulch
Saul, Faces of Fear

Baird, Right Girl, Wrong Side
Coates, Dead of Winter
El-Mohtar, This Is How You Lose the Time War
Long, Dark Water Daughter
McFadden, The Housemaid


*new to our library, but not newly published

Adult Audiobooks on CD

Roberts, Inheritance
Verghese, Covenant of Water

Grann, The Wager

Garmus, Lessons in Chemistry
Patchett, Tom Lake

El-Mohtar, This is How You Lose the Time War
Macomber, Must Love Flowers
Steel, Palazzo

Faulkner, Greenwich Park
Henry, The Secret Book of Flora Lea
Hilderbrand, The Five-Star Weekend
Lauren, True Love


Adult DVDs

Christmas Story Christmas
Equalizer 3
Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts
Violent Night

Book Club: the next chapter
The Flash
Jack Ryan, Season 3
Joy Ride
Little Mermaid
No Hard Feelings

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.
Asteroid City
Fast X
Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 3
Last of Us, Season 1
Love Again
NCIS, Season 20
1923: Yellowstone Origin Story, Season 1
Polite Society
Scream 6
Tulsa King, Season 1

Avatar: The Way of Water
SEAL Team Season 6

*new to our library, but not “new”

Graphic Novels

Sacco, Palestine

Smythe, Lore Olympus, vol. 5

Zdarsky, Batman: the Knight

de Jongh, Days of Sand
Pioli, Down to the Bone



Nonfiction DVDs