New Adult Titles

Adult Fiction

Reyes, The House in the Pines
Shroff, The Bandit Queens
Yolen, The Scarlet Circus

Bardugo, Hell Bent
Benedict, The Mitford Affair
Dailey, Blue Moon Haven
Diaz, Trust
Escoffery, If I Survive You
Geum-yi, The Picture bride
Gray, Her Heart’s Desire
Grippando, Code 6
Harper, Exiles
Haven, Fake Money, Blue Smoke
Hawkins, The Villa
Hendrix, How to Sell a Haunted House
Jackson, Wicked Dreams
Johns, Bad Cree
Kapoor, Age of Vice
Keegan, Foster
Koontz, The House at the End of the World
Krentz, Sleep No More
Kubica, Just the Nicest Couple
Lovecraft, Macabre Stories
Lovecraft, The Randolph Carter Tales
Lovecraft, Stories of the Dreamlands
Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness and Other Stories
Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu and Other Stories
Lovecraft, The Dunwich Horror and Other Stories
Marshall, What Lies in the Woods
McCarthy, Stella Maris
Newitz, The Terraformers
Pargin, If This Book Exists, You’re in the Wrong Universe
Patterson & Lupica, The House of Wolves
Preston, The Cabinet of Dr. Leng
Shalvis, The Backup Plan
Steel, Without a Trace
Tracy, The Devil You Know
Wang, Lost in the Long March
Zeldis, The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights

Beaton, Devil’s Delight
Boyne, All the Broken Places
Butler, Kindred
Cameron, Tom Clancy Red Winter
Cook, Night Shift
Fredericks, The Lindbergh Nanny
Hawker, The Fire & the Ore
Horowitz, The Twist of a Knife
Marske, A Restless Truth
Miller, Marmee
Miller, The Song of Achilles
Prusa, None of This Would Have Happened if Prince Were Alive
Smiley, A Dangerous Business
Spencer, The Final Beat of the Drum
St. James, A Book Club to Die For
Ward, Little Eve

Adams, Jackal
Bowen, Peril in Paris
Buckley, Has Anyone Seen My Toes
Connelly, Desert Star
Crais, Racing the Light
Deaver, Hunting Time
DuBrul, Clive Cussler’s The Sea Wolves
Evanovich, Going Rogue
Evans, A Christmas Memory
Garmus, Lessons in Chemistry
Gregory, Dawnlands
Griffiths, Bleeding Heart Yard
Hannah, The Couple at the Table
Jemisin, The World We Make
Margolin, Murder at Black Oaks
McCarthy, The Passenger
Nethercott, Thistlefoot
Quick, We Are the Light
Palmer, Wyoming Homecoming
Paris, The Prisoner
Patterson, The Perfect Assassin
Patterson, Triple Cross
Penny, A World of Curiosities
Perry, A Christmas Deliverance
Polk, Even Though I Knew the End
Rankin, A Heart Full of Headstones
Raybourn, Killers of a Certain Age
Roanhorse, Tread of Angels
Roberts, The Choice
Steel, The Whittiers
Wells, All Systems Red
Wells, Artificial Condition
Wells, Exit Strategy
Wells, Fugitive Telemetry
Wells, Network Effect
Wells, Rogue Protocol
Wilson, Now Is Not the Time to Panic
Young, Spells for Forgetting

Archer, Next in Line
Backman, The Winners
Baldacci, Long Shadows
Box, Treasure State
Child, No Plan B
Connolly, The Furies
Cornwell, Livid
DeMille, The Maze
Deveraux, Thief of Fate
Ennes, Leech
Flowers, All Good People Here
Graham, Voice of Fear
Gray, Happily Ever Amish
Grisham, The Boys From Biloxi
Hilderbrand, Endless Summer
Kingsolver, Demon Copperhead
Lewis, The Orchard
Macomber, The Christmas Spirit
Maguire, The Oracle of Maracoor
Mallery, Home Sweet Home
McDermid, 1989
Michaels, Falling Stars
Millet, Dinosaurs
Ng, Our Missing Hearts
North, Ithaca
Novik, The Golden Enclaves
Patterson, The Twelve Topsy-Turvy, Very Messy Days of Christmas
Picoult, Mad Honey
Roth, Poster Girl
Sandford, Righteous Prey
Saunders, Liberation Day
Shapiro, Signal Fires
Sheperd, Malice House
Sparks, Dreamland
Steel, The High Notes
Strout, Lucy By the Sea
Woods, Distant Thunder

Adult Nonfiction

America’s Test Kitchen, The Complete Guide to Healthy Drinks
Brauer, Elizabeth Taylor
Hurowitz, In the Garden of the Righteous
Kahate, 6 Spices, 60 Dishes
Meltzer, The Nazi Conspiracy
Mukherjee, The Song of the Cell
Schiff, The Revolutionary: Samuel Adams
Shetty, 8 Rules of Love
Soni, The Great Escape
Woo, Master Slave Husband Wife
Yong, An Immense World

American Diabetes Association, Family Classics Diabetes Cookbook
Berry, The Need to Be Whole
Buffalo News, Josh Allen: built for Buffalo
Freedland, The Escape Artist
Grose, Screaming on the Inside
Hazzard, American Sirens
Hirst, The Shortest History of Europe
House, The January 6th Report
Petty, Swerve or Die: life at my speed in the first family of NASCAR
Popkin, Code Name Blue Wren
Prince Harry, Spare
Rajan, The Read Aloud Factor

Albright, Eat & Flourish
Bono, Surrender
Brookshire, Pests
Bullivant, Nonverts: the making of ex-Christian America
Fabricant, Junk Science & the American Criminal Justice System
Goleman, Why We Meditate
Gordon, Four Wheels & a Board
Johnson, Simple Small Batch Baking
Jovin, Rebel With a Clause
Kaul, Chinese-ish
Kimball, Milk Street: Cook What You Have
King Arthur, King Arthur Lessons & Recipes
Lonely Planet, The Travel Book
Martin, Why Am I Like This?
Michaud-Skog, Fat Girls Hiking
Montillo, Deliberate Cruelty
Nalebuff, Our Red Book
Newman, The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man
Obama, The Light We Carry
Perry, Friends, Lovers & the Big Terrible Thing

Abdurraqib, The Little Devil in America
Burns, Our America: photographic history
Galloway, Adrift: America in 100 charts
Lewis, Agent Josephine
Long, This Contested Land
Tandoh, Cook As You Are
Totenberg, Dinners With Ruth
Visser, Sweet Maple
Zamora, Solito

Alexander, The Seed Detective
Berbner, In Search of Common Ground
Bestul, Total Deer Hunter Manual
Chapman, 365 Things Every Hunter Should Know
Citron, The Fight For Privacy
deGrasse Tyson, Starry Messenger
Doane, How to Plant a Room
Fanone, Hold the Line
Grandin, Visual Thinking
Hossenfelder, Existential Physics
Lithwick, Lady Justice
Naumburg, You Are Not a Sh*tty Parent
O’Reilly, Killing the Legends
Paxton, Keep the Memories, Lose the Stuff
Rinella, Meat Eater’s Guide to Wilderness Skills & Survival
Thorogood, Chasing Plants
Underwood, 1001 Hunting Tips
Urban, The Book of Boundaries

Adult Large Print

Krueger, Lightning Strike
McCarthy, Stella Maris
Obama, The Light We Carry
Patterson, The House of Wolves
Picoult, Mad Honey
Sandford, Righteous Prey
Wilkerson, Black Cake

Hepworth, The Good Sister
Hoover, It Starts With Us
Hoover, Verity
Robb, Desperation in Death
Sepetys, I Must Betray You
Van Pelt, Remarkably Bright Creatures

Backman, The Winners
Child, No Plan B
Coulter, Reckoning
Dailey, Calder Grit
Gardner, One Step Too Far
Garmus, Lessons in Chemistry
Grisham, The Boys From Biloxi
Harvye, Christmas in Peachtree Bluff
Hawkins, Reckless Girls
King, Fairy Tale
Koontz, The Big Dark Sky
Ng, Our Missing Hearts
Rimmer, The Warsaw Orphan
Roberts, A Little Christmas Spirit
Taylor, An Irish Country Yuletide

Atkinson, Shrines of Gaeity
Baldacci, Long Shadows
Flowers, All Good People Here
Kingsolver, Demon Copperhead
Kirkpatrick, Beneath the Bending Skies
Quick, When She Dreams
Reichs, Cold, Cold Bones
Ware, The It Girl

Adult Paperbacks

Henry, Beach Read
Joshi, The Secret Keeper ofJaipur
Poeppel, The Sweet Spot

Chen, Vampire Weekend
Dykes, All the Lost Places
Green, Blackout Book Club
Harmel, How to Save a Life
Harris, When I First Held You
Haw, The Invincible Miss Cust
Hazelwood, Loathe to Love You
Morrison, How to Survive Everything
Politano, The Lost Melody
Ryan, You Should Smile More
Weatherspoon, A Thorn in the Saddle

Baldree, Legends & Lattes
Berry, On Spine of Death
Fader, The Sunshine Girls
Gallen, Factory Girls
Roberts, A Little Christmas Spirit
Robinson, The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks
Stone, One Last Gift
Woods, The Inn at Tansy Falls

Hoover, Hopeless

Hoover, Heart Bones
Hoover, It Starts With Us
Hoover, Verity

Armas, The American Roommate Experiment
Ashley, Would You Rather
Coll, Bookish People
Ford, The Many Daughters of Afong Moy
Goodwin, With Neighbors Like This
Kelton, The Unlikely Lawman
Meister, Take My Husband
Quigley, Six Feet Deep Dish
Whelan, Thank You For Listening

*new to our library, but not newly published

Adult Audiobooks on CD

Meltzer, The Nazi Conspiracy (nf)
Nagamatsu, How High We Go in the Dark
Steel, Without a Trace

Harmel, How to Save a Life
Harvey, The Wedding Veil
Hepworth, The Good Sister
Montillo, Deliberate Cruelty (NF)
Obama, The Light We Carry
Patterson, The House of Wolves
Prince Harry, Spare (NF)
Totenberg, Dinners With Ruth (NF)
Van Pelt, Remarkably Bright Creatures

Andrews, The Homewreckers
Jenner, The Jane Austen Society
Penny, A World of Curiosities
Scott, The Soviet Sisters
Steel, The Whittiers

Backman, The Winners
Baldacci, Long Shadows
Grisham, The Boys from Biloxi
Ng, Our Missing Hearts
Picoult, Mad Honey
Sparks, Dreamland
Steel, The High Notes

Adult DVDs

Black Adam
The Menu
Ticket to Paradise

Banshees of Inisherin
Discovery of Witches, Season 3
Don’t Worry Darling
House of the Dragon, Season 1
Magpie Murders, Season 1
The Nine Kittens of Christmas
Peacemaker, First Season
The Woman King

Abbott Elementary, Season 1
Bullet Train
The Duke
The Invitation
Mr. Malcolm’s List
This Is Going To Hurt
Time Traveler’s Wife, complete series
Top Gun: Maverick
A Very Merry Bridesmaid/Tis the Season to Be Merry

Equalizer, Season 2
Outlander, Season 6
Thor: Love and Thunder

*new to our library, but not “new”

Graphic Novels

Smythe, Lore Olympus, Vol 3

Fujimoto, Chainsaw Man, Vol 3

Fujimoto, Chainsaw Man, Vol 1 & 2

Gauld, Revenge of the Librarians

Nonfiction DVDs

The Beatles: get back
Nature: American Horses
NOVA: Augmented
The US & the Holocaust