New Youth Titles

YA Fiction

Acker, The Long Run
Albert, The Bad Ones
Boyce, Dungeons & Drama
Gibney, The Girl I Am, Was & Never Will Be
Hatzopoulou, Threads That Bind
Jackson, Good Girl Bad Blood
June, Out of the Blue
Lally, That’s Not My Name
Liang, I Hope This Doesn’t Find You
Meyer, With a Little Luck
Nazemain, Only This Beautiful Moment
Preston, The Haunting
Strickland, Court of the Undying Seasons
Tison, Saints of the Household
Zoboi, Nigeria Jones

Arnold, The Blood Years
Astot, Fire From the Sky
Cole, So Let Them Burn
Cole, A Thousand Boy Kisses
Croucher, Gwen & Art Are Not In Love
Iloh, Salt the Water
King, The Collectors
Lord, The Getaway List
Paolini, Murtagh
Patel, A Drop of Venom
Zimmerman, Just Do This One Thing For Me

Arndt, Together We Rot
Barnes, The Brothers Hawthorne
Barnes, The Final Gambit
Barnes, The Hawthorne Legacy
Barnes, The Inheritance Games
Cass, A Thousand Heartbeats
Harrison, Only She Came Back
Henry, Gideon Green in Black & White
Munoz, Suddenly a Murder
Quinn, To Kill a Shadow
Ross, Divine Rivals
Ross, Ruthless Vows
Walther, What Happens After Midnight

Darya, Mina From the Land of Poems
Hazelwood, Check & Mate
Lacelle, Curious Tides
Nowlin, If He Had Been With Me
Pullman, Once Upon a Time in the North
Wellington, Their Vicious Games
Worley, People to Follow

Burgoine, Stuck With you
Colbert, The Blackwoods
Lasala, Beholder
Lord, All That’s Left to Say
Mikail, At the End of the World
Odette, Curse of the Wolf King
Steven, The Society for Soulless Girls

Juvenile Fiction

Abendanon, The Songbird of the Rambutan Tree
Alkaf, Hamra and the Jungle of Memories
Anderson, Elf Dog & Owl Head
Eggers, The Eyes & the Impossible
Li, Ruby Lost and Found
Lowe, Dubious Pranks of Shaindy Goodman
Mendez, Aniana del Mar Jumps In
Peterson, The Warden & the Wolf King
Winans, The Otherwoods

Bow, Simon Sort of Says
Colfer, Juniper’s Christmas
Davidson, Minecraft: the outsider
Day, We Still Belong
Korman, Slug Fest
Peterson, The Monster in the Hollows
Sass, Ellen Outside the Lines
Wyman, Jawbreaker
Yee, A Royal Conundrum

Peterson, North! or Be Eaten

Brallier, The Last Kids on earth and the Monster Dimension
DuPrau, Project F
Heidicker, Scary Stories for Young Foxes
Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: No Brainer
Tarshis, I Survived the Great Alaska Earthquake

Brown, Wild Robot Protects
Chhibber, Spider-Man’s Bad Connection
DiCamillo, The Puppets of Spelhorst
Gibbs, Spy School Goes North
Heidicker, Scary Stories for Young Foxes
Riordon, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Chalice of the Gods
Stine, Scariest. Book. Ever
Woodson, Remember Us

YA Graphic Novels

Cotugno, The Glass Scientists
Gooch, In Utero

Curato, Flamer
Yang, Lunar New Year Love Story

Hamazi, Bocchi the Rock, Vol 1
Oseman, Heartstopper Vol. 5
Tsubaki, Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun Vol 14
Wolf, Hex Americana

Fahmy, Huda F Cares
Walden, Clementine Vol 2

Hicks, Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy
Iwatobineko, The Country Without Humans
Larson, Be That Way

Juvenile Graphic Novels

Dasnes, Cross My Heart & Never Lie
Kurimoto, Wildful
Livingston, Day of the Living LIV
Martin, MexiKid
Smith, Pea, Bee & Jay Farm Feud
Tur, Hooky Vol 3
Williams, Go With the Flow
Williams, Look on the Bright Side

Angleberger, Two Headed Chicken: beak to the future
Buckley, Sacagawea
Sutherland, Winter Turning

Bruel, Bad Kitty Makes a Movie
Ellis, Diana & the Hero’s Journey
Nijkamp, Ink Girls
Oppel, Silverwing
Pilkey, Cat Kid Comic Club: Influencers
Prince, Science Comics: Frogs
Sterling, Mabuhay!
Tur, Hooky, Vol 2

Hale, Above the Trenches
Sell, The Cardboard Kingdom

Babysitter’s Club: Stacey’s Mistake
Barnett, THe First Cat in Space & the Soup of Doom
Gallagher, Max Meowz: Donuts & Danger
Lennon, The Morning Tribe
Smoker, Thunderous
Steinkellner, Nell of Gumbling
Tur, Hooky #1

YA Nonfiction

Wiley, Everyday Theology

Acuff, Your New Playlist
McGarry, Discover: Questioning Your Way to Faith

Aberg-Riger, America Redux: visual stories from our dynamic history
Bliss, Bad Things, Good People, and God

Johnson, All Boys Aren’t Blue
Shepard, A Long Time Coming

Juvenile Nonfiction

Bilan, My Incredible India
Clarkson, The Observologist
Holman, CSB Kids’ Bible

Day, The Mona Lisa Vanishes
Long, Kids on the March
Osborne, Who’s Got Mail? the history of mail in America
Sandler, Shipwrecked!
Walker, National Monuments of the USA
Zachman, There’s No Cream in Cream soda

Guinness World Records 2024
Hwang, A Kid’s Guide to the Chinese Zodiac

Alexander, Only in New York
Andrews, Trombone Shorty
Conaghan, Navy
Fortson, Granny Smith Was Not an Apple
Kleinrock, Come & Join Us
Mojang, Minecraft Guide to Exploration
Speer, The Phone Book

Conaghan, Army
Conaghan, Marine Corps
Conaghan, Space Force
How to Be a Math Genius
Kingsley Troupe, Apache
Kingsley Troupe, Cherokee
Kingsley Troupe, Cheyenne
Kingsley Troupe, Navajo
Kingsley Troupe, Seminole
Kingsley Troupe, Sioux
Redford, Period: the quick guide
Thomas, The Bedtime Book of Incredible Questions
What’s the Point of Math
What’s the Point of Science

Juvenile DVDs

Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia (E)
Paw Patrol: the Mighty Movie (E)
Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken (J)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (J)

Haunted Mansion (J)

Video Games

Spider-Man 2 (PS5)

Hogwarts Legacy (Nintendo Switch)

Bluey the Video Game (Nintendo Switch)
Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Nintendo Switch)
Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)

-M : rated M games are shelved in the Adult section

*for a complete list of our video game titles, please see the video games page.

Easy Readers

Dean, Pete the Kitty and the Three Bears (E)
Henry, Friends Are Fun (E)
Hubbard, Who Was the Donner Party? (J)
Merrell, Who Was Langston Hughes? (J)

Avant-Garde, Words Are Magic (E)
Krensky, Christopher Columbus’ Explorer and Colonist (E)
Ransom, Graduation Day (E)

Bader, Who Was Christopher Columbus (Jnf)
Deibert, Rocket & Groot: The Hunt for Starlord (J)
Gehl, Frog Can Hop (E)
Mavrikis, Christopher Columbus and the Americas (J)
West, Call of the Sound Dragon (J)
West, Dawn of the Light Dragon (J)
West, Fortress of teh Stone Dragon (J)
West, Heat of the Lava Dragon (J)
West, Legend of the Star Dragon (J)

Blabey, The Bad Guys Look Who’s Talking (J)
Fang, A Pie For Us (E)
May, Pug the Prince (J)

Battersby, Cranky Chicken (J)
Cepeda, I Help (E)
Dean, Pete the Cat Saves Up (E)
Esbaum, Go Wild! Sea Turtles (J)
Palatini, Puppy Cam (E)
Rosenthal, Uni & the 100 Treasures (E)
Smith, What Was Reconstruction (J)
Stemple, Eagles in the Endzone (J)
Windness, Cat vs. Vac (E)

Picture Books

Anganuzzi, The Ocean Gardener
Breakwell, You Can’t Be a Pterodactyl
Cutler, I Do Not Eat Children
Dean, Pete the Cat’s Groovy Imagination
Frazee, In Every Life
Gianferrari, Thank a Farmer
Harris, The Teeny-Weeny Unicorn
Harrison, Big
Hokkanen, Little Seasons Spring Seeds
Johnson, Not My Circus
Montgomery, The Book of Turtles
O’Gorman, What Makes Animals Smile
Pizzoli, Lucky Duck
Reynolds, THere Was a Party for Langston
Rylant, Hornbeam All In
Sendak, Ten Little Rabbits
Sweeney, 120 Things I Love About Dinosaurs
Wild, Not He or She, I’m Me
Willan, Yetis Are the Worst
Willems, Are You Big?
Zommer, The Wild

Ali, A Ramadan to Remember
Collier, Broken Crayons Still Color
Forman, Like So
Guillain, The River That Flows Beside Me
Haack, Prince & Knight
Jonker, Just One Flake
Kalb, Buffalo Fluffalo
Karst, The Invisible String
Lacour, Mama & Mommy & Me in the Middle
Leung, The Truth About Dragons
Morris, Between Two Windows
Obuchowski, How Birds Sleep
Perkins, Rock Stars Don’t Nap
Pryor, Home is Calling: journey of the monarch
Smith, Baker Makers
Stead, The Sun is Late & So is the Farmer
Willan, Unicorns Are the Worst
Yim, Lunar New Year

Bailey, The Three Little Mittens
Boynton, Hippos Remain Calm
Collier, The Imposter
Liu, Laolao’s Dumplings
Roeder, The King Penguin
Steinberg, A Story No One Has Ever Heard Before
Wallace, The Boo-Boos of Bluebell Elementary
Willan, Dragons Are the Worst

Abbas, Hamza & Aliya Share the Ramadan Cheer
Abbas, Hamza & Aliya Share a Surprise
Awan, I’m Going to Build a Snowman
Barton, I’m Trying to Love Germs
Beaty, Lila Grear, Teacher of the Year
Blackall, If I Was a Horse
Bowes, Lucy Tries Baseball
Dyckman, Don’t Blow Your Top
Hamilton, The Yawnicorn
Kinser, In a Cave
Kulekjian, Kaboom! A Volcano Erupts
John, The Big Cheese
Mount, Books Make Good Friends
Naqvi, Rahmah the Raindrop
Ortega, River of Mariposas
Paul, Patchwork Prince
Reagan, How to Love a Grandma
Takahashi, Tokyo Night Parade
Willan, Elves Are the Worst

Bacon, The Family Santa Almost Forgot
Bailey, The Twelve Hours of Christmas
Barnes, Santa’s Gotta Go
Barnett, How Does Santa Go Down the Chimney
Bickell, The Little Ghost Who Lost Her Boo
Bluey, My Dad is Awesome
Bluey, My Mum is the Best
Bluey, Bluey: For real life
Brownridge, Little Tree and the Wood Wide Web
Evans, A Human for Kingsley
Gerry, Big Words for Little Paleontologists
Gorman, Something, Someday
Heim, Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Lost Christmas
Hrachovec, Catside Up, Catside Down
Kerley, Footsteps on the Map
Long, The Mermaid With No Tail
Mehra, The Light Within you
Mills, I Am Stuck
Parachini, Wake Up Trucks
Rinker, Construction Site: taking flight
Yuly, Slowly, Slowly

YA and J Audiobooks on CD



Board Books

Bernard, Celebrating Chinese New Year
Kirwan, Hearts Are Everywhere

Let’s Go to Color Camp

Lora, The ABCs of Baby’s Needs

Beginning Baby, A Day Full of Feelings