New Youth Titles

YA Fiction

Brunskill, Wolfpack
Burton, Sing Me to Sleep
Han, It’s Not Summer Without You
Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty
Han, We’ll Always Have Summer
Hollowell, What Stalks Among Us
Klune, The Extraordinaries
McManus, One of Us is Back
Reid, A Study in Drowning

Alden, The Most Terrible Knife
Bayron, You’re Not Supposed to Die Tonight
Ichaso, Dead Girls Can’t Tell Secrets
Kenwood, Unnecessary Drama
Rex, A Little Like Walking
Saeed, Forty Words for Love

Best, Stars Hide Your Fires
Contungo, Liar’s Beach
McDowell, The Prince and the Apocalypse
Weston, Murder on a School Night

Albertalli, Imogen, Obviously
Boulley, Warrior Girl Unearthed
Carpenter, Ab(solutely) Normal
Dasgupta, Rosewood
De la Cruz, Snow & Poison
Eves, An Improbable Season
McLaughlin, Pieces of Me

Armstrong, Someone Is Always Watching
Kemp, An Appetite For Miracles
Lu, Stars & Smoke
Lukens, Spell Bound
Morris, The Jump
Oseman, Solitaire
Oshiro, Into the Light
Reynolds, Miles Morales: suspended

Cole, Dear Medusa
Dickerson, Fortress of Snow
Emrich, NerdCrush
Henry, Girl Forgotten
Houseman, Unseelie
Howard, Queen Bee
McGinnis, A Long Stretch of Bad Days
Park, Imposter Syndrome and Other Confessions of Alejandra Kim

Benway, The Wicked Ones
Brooks, Promise Boys
Dickerson, Veil of Winter
Gow, Dear Mothman
Musariri, All That It Ever Meant
Neil, Planning Perfect
Wein, Stateless
Woon, My Flawless Life

Anderson, Scout’s Honor
Black, The Stolen Heir
Blum, The Life & Crimes of Hoodie Rosen
Cohen, My Fine Fellow
Daniels, The Stranded
The Gathering Dark
Hammonds, We Deserve Monuments
Hassan, The Buried & the Bound
Hibbert, Highly Suspicious & Unfairly Cute
Lamb, When the Angels Left the Old Country
Mangle, Prepped
McBride, We Are All So Good At Smiling
Parsons, The 9:09 Project
Stewart, The Words We Keep
Stone, Chaos Theory
Sutanto, Well, That Was Unexpected
Sylvester, Breathe & Count Back from Ten
Tyndall, Nothing Sung & Nothing Spoken

Azad, Road of the Lost
Brandon, The Edge of Being
Cass, A Thousand Heartbeats
Clayton et al, Whiteout
Cornwell, Reader, I Murdered Him
Davis, Somebody That I Used to Know
Ernshaw, Long Live the Pumpkin Queen
Johnson, Nine Liars
Konigsberg, Destination Unknown
Levine, Sparrows in the Wind
Oseman, Nick & Charlie

Juvenile Fiction

Applegate, Dogtown
Matson, Firefly Summer
Peterson, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness
Rivera, Barely Floating
Stead, The Lost Library
Torres, Perfect Villains

Gibbs, Poached
Lincoln, The Swifts
Parry, A Horse Named Sky
Sinclair, Confessions of a Candy Snatcher
Stine, Night of the Living Dummy II
Stine, Night of the Living Dummy III

Braden, Opinions and Opossums
Elliott, Bea and the New Deal Horse
Korman, Mixed Up
Thompson, Greenwild

Murphy, Camp Sylvania
Winston, The Braid Girls

Applegate, The One & Only Ruby
Cisneros, Falling Short
Nayeri, The Many Assassinations of Samir, the seller of dreams
Oh, You Are Here: connecting flights
Ortega, Golden Frog Games #2
Riordan, The Sun & the Star
Schmidt, The Labors of Hercules Beal

Johnson, Mystery in Rocky Mountain National Park
Nielsen, Iceberg
O’Shaughnessy, Lasagna Means I Love You
Ortega, Witchlings
Riazi, A Bit of Earth
Selznick, Big Tree

Dairman, The Girl From Earth’s End
Freeman, Trashed
Liu, Enly and the Buskin’ Blues
Luqman-Dawson, Freewater
Pennypacker, Leeva at Last
Roux, D & D Dungeon Academy Tourney of Terror

Arnold, Harriet Spies
Cho, Troublemaker
Giles, Not an Easy Win
Hay, The Princess and the Pup
James, The Book Smugglers
James, The Map of Stones
James, The Treehouse Library
Lockington, In the Key of Us
Lowe, Aviva Vs the Dybbuk
Lowry, The Windeby Puzzle
Marks, On Air With Zoe Washington
Soontornvat, The Last Mapmaker
Yang, Finally Seen
Yee, Maizy Chen’s Last Chance

Harrington, Wild Oak
Korman, The Superteacher Project
White, Camp Creepy

YA Graphic Novels

Pham, Family Style
Strom, Part of Your World
Xu, The Infinity Particle

Yang, The Books of Clash Vol 1

Krosoczka, Sunshine
Tynion, The Backstagers Vol 1: Rebel Without Applause

Garcia, Teen Titans: Robin
Ishida, Choujin X, Vol. 1
Smith, Victory, Stand

Walker, The Black Panther Party

Alemanga, You Can’t Kill Snow White
Miyazaki, Shuna’s Journey

Juvenile Graphic Novels

Tarshis, I Survived the American Revolution

Babysitter’s Little Sister: Karen’s Haircut
Cohen, Two Tribes
Gibbs, Spy Camp
Hahn, All the Lovely Bad Ones
Hatke, Things in the Basement
Osborne, Night of the Ninjas
Pierce, Big Nate: Nailed It
Reynolds, Stuntboy, In-between Times, Vol 2
Tamaki, Thor & Loki: Double Trouble

Green, InvesitGators: Ants in our PANTS
Pamment, Ember and the Island of Lost Creatures

Brallier, Last Comics on Earth
Gonzalez, Invisible
O’Neill, The Moth Keeper
Sell, The Cardboard Kingdom: Roar of the Beast

Hale, The Mighty Bite
Libenson, Surprisingly Sarah
Sattin, Song of the Sea
Venable, Katie the Catsitter Vol 3: secrets & sidekicks

Craft, School Trip
Green, InvestiGators: Braver & Boulder
Magoon, The Extincts #2
Mojang, Minecraft Legends
Wilgus, Grace Needs Space

Pilkey, Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea

Christmas, Swim Team
Ortega, Frizzy
Santat, A First Time For Everything
Stein, Egg on the Loose
Sutherland, Moon Rising

Babysitters Club, Mary Anne’s Bad Luck Mystery
Babysitters Club Little Sister, Karen’s Birthday
Ebbeler, I’m Ogre It
Gratz, Captain America: the Ghost Army
Guojing, The Flamingo

YA Nonfiction

Impossible Escape

Azhad & Simpson, ed., Writing in Color
von der Gathen, Any Body: a comic compendium of important facts and feelings about our bodies

Juvenile Nonfiction

Batiste, Handbook of Forgotten Skills
Eriksen, Along Came a Radioactive Spider
Ferguson, The Magnificent Book of Monsters
Markovics, Ancient Architecture
Markovics, Classical Architecture
Markovics, Green Architecture
Messner, History Smashers: Christopher Columbus & the Taino People
Monsters & Creatures Compendium (Dungeons & Dragons)
National Geographic, Weird But True: 2024
O’Brien, Nat. Geo Encyclopedia of American Indian History and Culture

Gooding, Wonderfully Wired Brains
Havrelock, Indigenous Ingenuity
Rinella, Catch a Crayfish, Count the Stars

DeMonti, Sheepology

Backhouse, Grizzly Bears
Warren Drimmer, Sneakers: the cool stories and facts behind every pair
Weatherford, How Do You Spell Unfair

Joy, Choosing Brave
Roy, Making More: how life begins
Salazar, Jovita Wore Pants

Claybourne, Planet Earth for Curious Kids
Flynn, Not So Common Cents
Levi, Just a Girl
Neruda, Book of Questions
Partridge, Seen & Unseen
Stiefel, The Tower of Life
Stocker, Listen
Tougias, Abandon Ship
Wolf, Design a Game

Alexander, An American Story
Bailey, Arthur Who Wrote Sherlock
Binns, Unlawful Orders
Chin, The Universe in You
Fleming, Crash From Outer Space
Kerbel, The Late, Great Endlings
Newman, A River’s Gifts
Pinkney, Just Jerry
Theule, Concrete: From the Ground Up

Juvenile DVDs

Super Mario Bros. (J)

Paw Patrol: Aqua Pups (E)

Barbie It Takes Two: Best Friends Forever (E)
Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (J)

Strange Worlds (J)

Video Games

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Nintendo Switch)
Street Fighter 6 (PS5)

Star Wars Jedi Survivor (PS5)

Wild Hearts (PS5)

Fire Emblem Engage (Nintendo Switch)
Kirby's Return to Dream Land (Nintendo Switch)

-M : rated M games are shelved in the Adult section

*for a complete list of our video game titles, please see the video games page.

Easy Readers

Blabey, Cat on the Run: Cat of Death (J)
Milgrim, Going Somewhere (E)

Burnell, Stuck With You (J)
Cody, Cat Ninja: Time Heist (J)
Dean, Pete the Cat and the Space Chase (E)
Elliott, Welcome to Sparklegrove (J)
Fenske, Try a Bite Trilobite (E)
Gehl, Cat Sees Snow (E)
Jackson, Green Sea Turtle (J NF)
Jones, Finders Creatures: Bog Gone (J)
Osborne, Good Morning Gorillas (J)
Osborne, Time of the Turtle King (J)
Osborne, Vacation Under the Volcano (J)
Osborne, Warriors in Winter (J)
Sanderson, Horse and Zebra Bake a Cake (E)
Silen, Animal Superpowers (nat. geo. NF)
Tabor, Fox Has a Problem (E)
West, Curse of the Shadow Dragon (J)

Blabey, The Bad Guys in Let the Games Begin (J)
Bluey, Bluey & Bingo’s Fancy Restaurant Cookbook (E)
Cody, Cat Ninja: Welcome to the Burbs (J)
Cody, Cat Ninja: Wanted (J)
Galbraith, Wednesday Wilson Connects the Dots (J)
Meadows, How to Love a Pony (E)
Palatini, Kitty-Cam (E)
Palatini, Shark-Cam (E)
Stohler, Gnome and Rat (J)

Bolling, The Gray Day (E)
Buckley, Who Was Jim Thorpe (J)
Lerner, Nat the Cat Takes a Bath (E)
Medina, What Was World War I (J)
Ruzzier, Fish and Worm (E)
Tan, Pets Rule: Kittens are monsters! (J)

Cody, Cat Ninja 1 (J)

Applegate, Doggo and Pupper Search for Cozy (E)
Blabey, The Bad Guys in the Others? (J)
David, Who Will Win (E)
Dean, Pete the Kitty’s Outdoor Art Project (E)
Hale, The Princess in Black and the Prince in Pink (J)
May, Pug’s New Puppy (J)

Campbell, The Art of Getting Noticed (J)
Emberley, I Did it (E)
Rosenthal, Uni Joins the Team (E)

Cordell, Evergreen (J)
Iwai, Gigi & Ojiji (E)
Madan, Owl & Penguin (E)
Ruzzier, Fish & Wave (E)

Castillo, Our Friend Hedgehog: a place to call home (J)
Hale, Princess in Black and the Giant Problem (J)
Long, Horse & Buggy on Ice (E)
Osborne, Rhinos at Recess (J, Magic Treehouse)
Szymanski, Arctic Animals (E)

Picture Books

Aronson, Clovis Keeps His Cool
Brumm, Bluey: Sleepytime
DiTerlizzi, A Very Cranky Book
Fleming, Mine!
Ignototsky, What’s Inside a Caterpillar Cocoon?
Lang, Grumpy Monkey Don’t Be Scared
Maclean, More Than Words
Messner, The Scariest Kitten in the World
Roth, Cadence and Kittenfish
Rothman, Attack of the Underwear Dragon
Willems, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Sleigh

Bluey: Mum School
Bolling, Together We Swim
Dipucchio, Mouse & Giraffe
Gonzalez, How to Hatch a Reader
Jacoby, Doris
Kuefler, The Digger and the Butterfly
Nelson, Follow the Flyaway
Sheffield, Ice Cream Face
Sterer, I Will Read to You
Stutzman, Tiny T-Rex and the Impossible Hug

Arnaldo, Mr. S
Bacon, Alphabuddies: G is First
Bates, When I Draw a Panda
Beckmeyer, I Am a Tornado
Murphy, A Boy Like You
Parr, The Monster Mac and Cheese Party
Saltzberg, A Delicious Story
Sarcone- Roach, The Ice Cream Vanishes

Cali, Too Many Pigs and One Big Bad Wolf
Charlton-Trujillo, A Girl Can Build Anything
Cranfield, Wings, Waves & Webs
Freitas, Ready For Kindergarten
Hale, Party Hearty Kitty Corn
Irving, The Wishing Flower
Tillotson, B is For Banana
Walsh, Lynacia’s Dragon

Barrager, Harmony & Echo
Diaz, La Guitarrista
DiPucchio, Becoming Charley
Godwin, Red House Tree House
Janousky, Invaders From Mars
John, Nothing’s Wrong
Le, Real to Me
Stiefel, Bravo, Avocado!
Tullet, Tap! Tap! Tap!

Alexander, How to Write a Poem
Anderson, Letters From Space
Boyd, Just a Worm
Burach, Make Way For Butterfly
Cline-Ransome, The Story of the Saxophone
Filander, Where the Weird Things Are
Hische, Who Will You Be?
Howes, Woven of the World
Hrab, How to party Like a Snail
James-Duncan, Mommy Time
Montague, The Fantastic Bureau of Imagination
Rooney, The Problem With Problems
Schu, This is a Story
Tarpley, Leprechaun vs Easter Bunny
Woodcock, Silver Linings
Yamada, Trying

Barnett, Twenty Questions
Bedell, She Will
Bonilla, The Note Who Faced the Music
Bowles, Ancient Night
Donaldson, Welcome to the World
Higgins, We Don’t Lose Our Class Goldfish
Page, Shall We Dance
Rex, Wants vs Needs vs Robots
Robinson, This Book is My Best Friend
Root, Nerdycorn
Salati, Hot Dog
Wesolowska, Elbert in the Air

Andros, Charlotte the Scientist Is Squished
Bunting, The Gentle Genius of Trees
Capucilli, The Library Fish Learns to Read
De La Pena, Milo Imagines the World
de Sève, This Story is Not About a Kitten
Federman, This is a Seahorse
Freidland, Museum of Lost Teeth
Goade, Berry Song
Gonzalez, The Coquies Still Sing
Gonzalez, Where Wonder Grows
Harper, I Cannot Draw a Horse
John, The Sour Grape
Lambert, Home is Where the Heart Is
Lynn, Once Upon a Book
Moriconi, The Very Hungry Plant
Rosenthal, Uni the Unicorn: Tooth Fairy Helper
Verde, The Three Little Yogis and the Wolf Who Lost His Breath
Vernon, Ari Arranges Everything
Volpe, The Friendship Surprise
Witek, In My Heart

Barnes, I Am Every Good Thing
Becker, Monsters in the Briny
Compestine, Dragon Noodle Party
Fay, The Very True Legend of the Mongolian Death Worm
Finison, Hurry, Little Tortoise, Time For School
Fogliano, I Don’t Care
Knowles, Ear Worm
Levington, Brainstorm
Marr, Izmelda the Fairest Dragon of Them All
Muhammed, The Kindest Red
Murray, A Dress With Pockets
Rodman, Wibble Wobble Boom
Rothman, Mako & Tiger
Straub, Very Good Hats
Sundin, The Book That Did Not Want to Be Read
Townes, Groundhog Gets it Wrong

YA and J Audiobooks on CD



Board Books

British Museum, First Words
Ishizu, PUrring, Rolling, Stretching
Nestling, Little Wonders Bugs
Rey, Curious George & the Bunny

Matsushita-Beal, 123 Who Comes Next?

Wilson, Bear Counts

Urda, Daddy and Me
Wilson, Bear Can’t Sleep

Cousins, Maisy’s Recycling Truck
Gomi, Little Chicks
Salas, Puddle Song
Underwood, Ducks!

Micklos, One Leaf, Two Leaves, Count With Me!

Beginning Baby, Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes