New Youth Titles

YA Fiction

Cashore, Seasparrow
Gong, Foul Lady Fortune
Kuehn, By the Time You Read This
Mason, My Second Impression of You
Meyer, Cursed
Rowell, Scattered Showers
Shusterman, Gleanings

De la Cruz, Cinder & Glass
Grace, Belladonna
Jackson, The Weight of Blood
Oseman, I Was Born For This
Owen, The Liar’s Crown
Rogers, Man Made Monsters
Silvera, The First to Die at the End
Tamaki, Anne of Greenville
Thomas, The Sunbearer Trials

Alsaid, Before Takeoff
Benway, A Year to the Day
Hand, My Imaginary Mary
Henry, Two Truths & a Lie
Hill, Love From Scratch
Ireland, Rust in the Root
Light, Meet Me in the Middle
Oseman, Loveless
Summers, I’m the Girl

Chokshi, Three Kisses, One Midnight
Kemmerer, Forging Silver Into Stars
Laurens, Youngblood
McManus, Nothing More to Tell
Rains, The Matchbreaker Summer
Romero, The Ghosts of Rose Hill
Tirado, Burn Down, Rise Up

Dwyer, Some Mistakes Were Made
Kaylor, Long Story Short
Lee, Required Reading for the Disenfranchised Freshman
McWilliams, Mirror Girls
White, Hell Followed With Us

Juvenile Fiction

Barnhill, The Ogress & the Orphans
Carmichael, The U-nique Lou Fox
Chambliss, Sisterhood of Sleuths
Cervantes, The Lords of Night
Kinney, Diper Overlode
Schrempp, Three Strike Summer

Adam, Lark & the Wild Hunt
Alexander, The Door of No Return
Bajaj, Thirst
Conklin, A Perfect Mistake
Gemeinhart, The Midnight Children
Gratz, Two Degrees
Haddix, The Secret Letters
Hawes, big Rig
Preus, Windswept
Warga, A Rover’s Story
White, Vampiric Vacation
Yun, Pippa Park: Crush @ 1st sight

Applegate, Odder
Brallier, Last Kids on Earth & the Forbidden Fortress
Brown, Serwa Boateng’s Guide to Vampire Hunting
Chhibber, Spiderman’s Social Dilemma
Clark, The Lock-Eater
Gibbs, Spy School Project X
Gino, Alice Austen Lived Here
Hahn, What We Saw
King, Attack of the Black Rectangles
Medina, Merci Suarez Plays It Cool
Reynolds, It’s the End of the World & I’m in My Bathing Suit
Tarshis, I Survived the Wellington Avalanche 1910

Clayton, The Marvellers
Dassori, JR Silver Writes Her World
Korman, The Fort
Ortega, Ghost Squad
Patterson, The Elephant Girl
Steadman, Skandar & the Unicorn Thief

Eliopulos, Minecraft: Zombies!
Miguel, Spineless
Tarshis, I Survived the Galveston Hurricane
White, Wretched Waterpark
Wolk, My Own Lightning

YA Graphic Novels

Garcia, Constantine

Andersen, The Cryptid Club
Harusono, Sasaki & Miyano Vol 1
Matsui, The Elusive Samurai Vol 1
Scott, Sea Serpent’s Heir

Oseman, Heartstopper, Vol 2-4
Tsubaki, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Vol 13

Juvenile Graphic Novels

Reynolds, Miles Morales: stranger tides
Tarshis, I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005

Angleberger, Two-Headed Chicken
Corson, The League of Superpets: the great mxy-up
Chmakova, Enemies
Osborne, Pirates Past Noon

Fairbairn, Paws: Gabby Get it Together
Green, InvestiGators: Heist & Seek
Marko, Sloth Sleuth
Martin, Jessi’s Secret Language (Babysitter’s)
Soontornrvat, The Tryout
Tarshis, I Survived Shark Attacks
Venable, Best Friends for Never (Katie the Catsitter)

Alexander, Booked
Ganucheau, Lemon Bird Can Help
Hicks, Ride On
Khor, The Legend of Auntie Po
Sakai, Chibi Usagi: Attack of the Heebie Chibis
Swift, The Girl & the Glim

Knisley, Apple Crush
Ormsbee, Growing Pangs
Rex, Your Pal Fred


YA Nonfiction

Campbell, Glowing Bunnies?!
Scelsa, Luminary

Gansworth, Apple

Makos, Devotion

Juvenile Nonfiction

Erickson, What Is White Privilege
Henry, What Does It Mean to Defund the Police
Krantz, The Search for Sasquatch
Messner, Only the Best: the exceptional life & fashion of Ann Lowe
Nichols, What Is the Black Lives Matter Movement
Nichols, What Is Anti-Racism
Poliquin, The Museum of Odd Body Leftovers
Voiklis, A Book Too Can Be a Star: the story of Madeleine L’Engle and the making of A Wrinkle in Time
Yolen, Yuck, You Suck! Poems

Daniels, Make Your Own Board Game
McDonald, Indigenous America

Florance, The Science Spell Book
Green, Math: a book you can count on
Green, Microbiology: it’s a small world

Agrawal, How Was That Built
Guiberson, Yours ‘Til Niagara Falls


Juvenile DVDs

Baby Shark’s Big Show: seaweed sway (E)
Blaze & the Monster Machines: Big Rig to the Rescue (E)
Blues Clues & You: Rainbow Puppy Adventures (E)
Last Kids on Earth Book One (J)
Paws of Fury (J)
Turning Red (J)

Superpets (J)

Bluey (E)
Lightyear (J)
Minions: Rise of Gru (J)
Paw Patrol Catpack Rescues (E)

Prehistoric Road Trip (J nf)
Sonic 2 (J)
Vivo (J)

The Bad Guys

Video Games

Pokémon Violet (Nintendo Switch)

Sonic Frontiers (Nintendo Switch)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction (PS4)

Stray (PS5)

Minecraft (Xbox One)

Vampire the Masquerade: Swansong - M

-M : rated M games are shelved in the Adult section

*for a complete list of our video game titles, please see the video games page.

Easy Readers

Andrus, In the Pond (E)
Andrus, A Zebra’s Day (E)
Berne, Bling! (E)
Clanton, Narwhalicorn & Jelly (E)
Colosi, Alien Ocean Animals (E)
Davidson, Ruth Bader Ginsberg (J)
Drimmer, Mythical Beasts (E)
Drimmer, Sharks! (E)
Egypt Collection (J)
Flynn, Gymnastics (E)
May, Pug’s Road Trip (J, Diary of a Pug)
Myers, Llamas (E)
Quattlebaum, Adorable Animals (E)
Quattlebaum, Hedgehogs (E)
Romero, Animals That Change Color (E)
Romero, September 11 (E)
Silen, T. Rex (E)
Sterling, Corn (E)
Szymanzki, Reptiles (E)
Szymanski, Whales (E)
Weglinski, In the Desert (E)

Adler, Get on the Ice, Mo (E)
Calmenson, Stomp! (E)
Deen, The Ghost Tree (J)
Hunt, My Pet (E)
Krouse, Uni’s Wish for Wings (E)
Tabor, Sir Ladybug & the Bookworms (J)
Traster, Best Brother Ever (E)
Willems, The Frustrating Book! (E)

Kurilla, The Flower Garden (E)
Lai, Rainbow the Koala (J)
Tabor, Sir Ladybug & the Queen Bee (E)
Thorpe, Amazingly Angus (Horsetail Hollow, J)
Thorpe, Fearlessly Philippe (Horsetail Hollow, J)
West, Guarding the Invisible Dragon (J)

Galbraith, Wednesday Wilson Fixes All Your Problems (J)
Heuer, Esme’s Birthday Conga Line (J)
Reagan, How to Find the Tooth Fairy (E)
Thorpe, Magically Maximus #1 (J)

Blabey, The Bad Guys: Open Wide & Say Arrrgh! (J)
Castle, Welcome to the Creature Café (J)
Higgins, Ballet Bruce (E)
Phelan, Leave it to Plum! (J)

Picture Books

Bernstrom, Song in the City
Blackall, Farmhouse
Brett, Cozy in Love
Brockington, Puppy Bus
Brown, Twelve Dinging Doorbells
Buitrago, Ways to Make Friends
Faber, Through the North Pole Snow
Fliess, Archaeologists on a Dig
Fliess, Astronauts on the Space Station
Fliess, Insect Experts in the Rain Forest
Fliess, Marine Biologists on a Dive
Frost, Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening
Hart, Thank You For the Little Things
Heos, I’m a Virus
Heos, I’m a Volcano
Higgins, Hey Bruce!
Jackson, Santa in the City
Leung, The Tray of Togetherness
Marr, Wild Horses
Newson, How to Help a Friend
Portis, A Seed Grows
Spires, The Most Magnificent Idea
Stutzman, Llama Rocks the Cradle of Chaos
Tokuda-Hall, Love in the Library
Webb, Cows Go Boo!
Wheeler, Dino-Baseball
Wood, I Love You Little, I Love You Lots

Agna, True You
Aranda, Our Day of the Dead Celebration
Barnett, The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Bourgeois, Professor Goose Debunks Goldilocks and the Three Bears
DePalma, Harvest Days: giving thanks around the world
Elkman, The House That She Built
Freitas, Not Yet Yeti
Greendeer, Keepunumk
Heder, Sal Boat
Lefebvre, Too Much Glue
Magistro, Read Island
Mirchandani, My Diwali Light
Peterson, School is Wherever I Am
Yoon, I’m a Unicorn

English, Monkey Bedtime
Dean, Pete the Cat Plays Hide & Seek
Feder, Angry Me
Frost, Iguana Be a Dragon
Green, The Fox in the Dark
Jian, Tiger Brother
Kaner, Dig, Dance, Dive
Kerascoet, I Forgive Alex
Lippert, Home
Reynolds, Creepy Crayon
Schwartz, Cold Turkey
Shea, I Am a Baby
Syed, That’s Not My Name!
Voake, Bee
Walstead, How to Catch a Witch
Wheeler, Dino Thanksgiving
Willems, The Pigeon Will Ride the Roller Coaster
Yin, So Not Ghoul

Allen, The Boy Who Loved Maps
Barnett, The Great Zapfino
Barnett, John’s Turn
Blackshaw, Grandma’s House of Rules
Burach, Goodnight, Butterfly
Katstaller, Skater Cielo
Kuefler, The Digger and the Duckling
Little Genius Books, I’m the Digger Driver
Lyall, A Spoonful of Frogs
Powers, I Am Quiet
Raschka, Meow
Snider, One Boy Watching
Sorell, Powwow Day

Barnes, The Queen of Kindergarten
Cole, Building
Hare, Field Trip to Volcano Island
Harrison, Poopsie Gets Lost
Horiuchi, K is for Kindness
Pumphrey, Somewhere in the Bayou
Red Nose Studios, Build!
Stead, Every Dog in the Neighborhood
Van, I Love You Because I Love You
Woodson, The World Belonged to Us

YA and J Audiobooks on CD



Board Books

Adamson, Thankful Thanksgiving

Patricelli, Splash!